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I'm no artist, I just dabble a's some things I did in Photoshop:

I'll post more here as they are created (and if they're cool...)

Most recently

Here's a photo manipulation I did of one of my gig shots, where I tried to give it the most psycho-trippy feel I could:

Here's an image of my lovely wife, Laure, that I manipulated a bit. She's got that 'Mona Lisa' expression thing going here, very enigmatic, which is why I love this picture. If you know her, you'll know why this is funny.

She's probably more comfortable with her depiction as a South Park chahracter:

She's holding her two favorite beverages, too!

I prefer the arty-abstract stuff myself:

Here's a sort of amusing portrait of Laure's family from a wedding photo of ours that I manipulated:

Here's some neon-ish Poster Art I did for one of the bands I'm in, "SHUT UP MARIE"

and some other experiments with band imagery.

I really like this experiment...can't describe it, though...

This next one is like a Peter Max meets Andy Warhol sorta thing...

This one is like a neon/crayola freeze-frame strobe image or something...

Cover art I made for RITUAL

L's single of "GOOD WAR"

DVD cover poster art I did for RITUAL's video of "FACE DOWN AT THE APOCALYPSE"

DVD cover poster art I did for PAPERBAG's "DON'T FORGET TO VOTE" video

Here is an experiment I did on the HOMELESS MULTIMEDIA logo, which was created by MARK SEGAL (with help from Mark Mylar) of BAG:THEORY, who also created the cover for the BAG:THEORY album and covers for all the PAPERBAG records shown on my discography page.

Here's a Homeless Multimedia desktop wallpaper experiment:

"Neon" treatment done on a picture of BAG:THEORY at the CIA club

Warhol-esque treatment of a pic of A. Cossa & M. Segal

kaleidoscope of me & the black Carvin fretless

M.Segal in a "day-glo poster" treatment

M. Mylar & me in a 'heat'

Some artsy frame-captures from the Ritual video of "Don't Forget to Vote"

(note: almost all the graphics treatments were done within MAGIX Video Deluxe 2.0+)

This is an experiment I did with a picture of "Mistress Lily",

She is the excellent singer of the band known as "Asian Fetish Brigade",

whom I met while playing a gig in Silverlake.