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Life and Work Achievements

George Radai Life and Work Achievements (most recent first—see resume for dates):

AudioEyes – learned workflow aspect of post-production voice-over work, “video description”; troubleshooting and configuring Macs for PT 9 and 10; some training of staff on new Pro Tools features.

As a Freelance Engineer – recorded, mixed, and mastered several independently produced records for various artists; received GRAMMY Participation award for mixing a track on a Grammy-nominated CD; did several live ensemble recordings. Setup and configured analog to digital transfer stations, trained others in their proper use. Other jobs have been transcoding, DVD and CD authoring and creation, configuring Audio for web, basic video editing, graphics manipulation, and consulting on all aspects of music production.

LARS – trained adult students (average of 50/month) in the technology and use of advanced digital audio workstations, emphasizing Pro Tools, to prepare them for level 200 certification tests. Created multiple Powerpoint presentations using additional tools such as Photoshop. Created and implemented study materials, online documentation, testing criteria, and grading criteria. Supervised student lab work in Pro Tools and also supervised small staff of lab instructors. I received a Pro Tools Music Operator certification.

M-Audio/Avid – tested and quality controlled dozens of audio interface and software products over product lifetimes, both hardware and drivers, using a combination of white and black-box testing methodologies custom-created by supervisors and in some cases by myself; created test plans and other relevant documentation needed for testing procedures; ran smoke and regression tests across multiple custom-configured computer platforms in order to detect, isolate, and troubleshoot bug issues; built, installed, and configured many various computers for testing purposes; implemented automated test suites; moderated beta and user forums; learned and used bug-tracking and other software like DevTrack, a custom-version of Filemaker Pro, and Sharepoint, as well as MS Excel and MS Word. In the course of testing, used multiple DAW and audio software for testing such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar, and Ableton Live. Did pro-level tech support for artist endorsee clients; did technical proofreading of manuals and printed device specifications for marketing department.

MAGIX – did professional-level technical support for entire range of Magix’ software products by phone and email; customer issue tracking; created and implemented troubleshooting documentation and tutorials on a variety of common issues; limited testing and QA on new beta versions of pre-release software; proofreading of manuals and technical documentation to be used in product packaging.

Media Concepts – did post-production voice-over and ADR recording, editing, and mixing for film, advertising, and television shows; machine room supervision and troubleshooting; compiled and created the in-house official documentation of all production procedures used in the facility, as well as “quick tutorials” for the staff on the proper use of all in-house equipment.

Audio Rents – did bench check-out testing of all manner of returning and outgoing audio equipment for rental using various testing hardware. Specified, assembled, and configured the company’s first complete Pro Tools systems for rental; tested and set up Pro Tools systems before rental and after return; delivered, set up, installed, configured all rental gear on location and in the studio; trained clients on proper use of all rental equipment; researched and recommended new rental acquisitions. Inventoried all rental equipment; data entry and invoice preparation; wiring and troubleshooting of in-house demonstration area and audio system. Created and led new product demonstrations for staff.

Media City Sound – managed machine room and edit room equipment, implementing and scheduling repairs and troubleshooting protocols; created documentation supporting all equipment troubleshooting; did preventative and regular maintenance on all in-house equipment personally, or engaged outside contractors for the work needed; worked with and supervised the team that completely re-wired the machine room.

Audio Digest – learned the art and craft of editing audio tape mechanically by hand; learned and performed 2-track audio mastering; instrumental in helping the company change over to all-digital production methods and implement software workflow. Instrumental in the re-design, re-construction, and configuration of the three in-house studio suites replacing the old outdated one. After becoming the first in-house expert on the new software-editing platform (Spectral Sound), I trained other staff on the proper use of the new software tools.

As an Artist/Musician – mostly self-taught electric bassist; member of many bands; appeared on a dozen albums with several indie bands; signed to SST Records in the 1980’s with PaperBag band and released 4 albums for SST; played well over a hundred live shows with PaperBag, and dozens more live shows with others; appeared in 17 live music videos to date; composed, recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered one solo album (unreleased), and one recent PaperBag retrospective compilation. Collaborator, co-writer and principal writer/composer on many songs and musical pieces. Custom-built and assembled several live effects pedalboards, designing the signal flow for optimum flexibility. 

I have authored many essays on the topic of improvised music, an example of which can be found online here: and several more here:

Educational and Other Achievements – as a youth I was elected Secretary, then Vice-President, then President of “Continental A.Z.A” Chapter 1723 of west Los Angeles area, a B’Nai B’Rith-sponsored youth organization. I graduated from Alexander Hamilton High School. I attended California State University Northridge as a General Science major. I was a competitive Foil and Epee fencer on the CSUN team for three years, Captain of the Foil Squad in the final year. I continued to fence competitively in local tournaments, earning a USFA ranking of “C” and also went on to teach, coach, armor, and officiate in the sport semi-professionally for several years.   

My Certifications